Halogen BRL 12V 50W - 2 Pin Bulb


Equivalent to:
  • Leitz 500182
  • Osram 54249 and 64610
  • Philips 7027
  • Nikon 76516 and 78671
  • Olympus 8C402 and 8C407
  • Wild M650
  • Swift MA784

Halogen 12V 50W - 2 Pin Bulb

For use in all microscopes requiring 12v 50w halogen 2 pin bulbs including:

Nikon Diaphot
Nikon Epiphot
Nikon Epiphot 200
Nikon Epiphot 300
Nikon Measurescope MM-22 EPI Illuminator
Nikon Measurescope MM40-2U Universal EPI
Nikon Measurescope Ring Light
Nikon Measurescope TM-20 DIA and EPI
Nikon Measurescope UM-3 Base
Nikon Measurescope VM40 Diascopic Base
Nikon Measurescope VM60 Diascopic Base
Nikon NFC-50
Nikon NFC-60
Nikon Optiphot
Nikon Optiphot 150
Nikon Optiphot 66 EPI Illuminator
Nikon Optiphot 88 EPI and DIA
Nikon Optiphot Epi-Fi QH
Nikon Optiphot M EPI Illuminator
Nikon Optistation 2
Nikon Optistation 3
Nikon S-CB
Nikon SMZ-U
Nikon TM20 Microscope
Nikon Toolmakers Microscope 20
Olympus SZH-ILLD
Olympus BH2
Olympus BH2-M6SH
Olympus BH2-MLSH
Olympus BH2-ULSH 80
Olympus BHM-LSH-2
Olympus BMH-LSH2
Olympus IMT-2
Olympus ULS20
Swift Swiftmaster II